1. Devops
Ye olde infrastructure days In the past (and occasionally in the present in some companies), we used to do lots of manual grunt work setting up our infrastructure. A typical approach to launching an infrastructure involved raising tickets to your data center provider and waiting for them to execute your request. A system administrator grabs […]
  1. Go
  2. Programming
One of the most underappreciated features introduced since Go version 1.8 is the Go plugin package. Plugins are one of the many software architectural designs that allow you to build loosely coupled and modular programs. In Go, plugins are written and compiled separately as shared objects (.so) or libraries and can be loaded dynamically during […]
  1. Devops
Docker is easily one of the most popular and sought after technologies to learn these days. Docker has only been growing in popularity since the initial release in 2013. Many companies and developers have adopted Docker as their defacto tool to deploy and test development and production level applications. In this concise, quick start guide, […]





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